For Love of the Games

Video games are pretty great. Especially when they’re lovingly crafted by people who care; not just about quality, but about the players themselves. And since we play games too, we strive to create quality games for players like us, offering worthwhile experiences and jolly good times.

In Games We Trust

Rob Howland

Free Agent

Lover of everything skateboarding and video games, Rob is a game designer located in Los Angeles, CA. As a previous resident of Japan and Australia, and having attended and exhibited at various gaming expos spanning four different continents, Rob has developed a strong support network of awesome skateboarding and video game peeps from all over the world. His cat demands constant attention so only contact him if it’s reeeally important.

Anthony Prusakowski


Anthony signed on during Influent’s launch at GDC 2014 as Three Flip’s Desginer, bringing with him his expertise from years spent in San Francisco’s web and digital media advertising industry. Anthony holds several degrees in Interactive Media Design, specializing in user experience and web programming. Along with this unique skill set, he brings his overly passionate love for all things nerdy, geeky, and above all, video games.