Take back the couch in this fast-paced multi-player bullet-hell space-shooter featuring a peaceful alien race of gelatinous space blobs gone trigger-happy after planet Earth accidentally dumped a rather heavy payload of obsolete weaponry right in their quiet corner of the galaxy.

Players dart around in zero gravity collecting a variety of weapons to increase their size and firepower while also taking care to stick them in strategic locations on their gelatinous bodies. Any weak spots left open become vulnerable to opposing players attempting to pilfer the other’s stockpile with a fully-charged dash attack. But greedy players beware! Too many weapons may result in becoming nothing more than a slow-moving target.


Developed as part of a research project at the Entertainment Computing Laboratory at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, Influent aims to help people all over the world on their quest to fluency in another language by making vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation a fun and rewarding experience.

Players explore an interactive 3D environment filled with hundreds of selectable, collectible objects, making custom tailored lists of Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs. Each unique vocab list can be mastered via Time Attack mode and eventually the unlockable Fly By mode, featuring a remote controlled spaceship with automatic laser cannons! It’s pretty sweet.