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USD $19.99
USD $19.99
USD $19.99
USD $7,000 – $8,000


Armed and Gelatinous pits friends against one another in fast-paced rounds of couch-competitive warfare! Play as one of four adorable gelatinous blobs in the far reaches of space, gaining firepower by sticking to a variety of deadly weapons discarded by the future inhabitants of a peaceful planet Earth. Take heed! With each weapon collected, the bigger (and slower) each blob becomes. Agile blobs can charge up their dash attack and let it rip through even the most bloated of blobs! Rounds can be customized by selecting specific weapons and items as well as changing the win condition between timed, stock, or deathmatch! Unlock a plethora of team-based sports minigames including Blob Soccer, Blob Blitz, and Blob Bombardment.


Armed and Gelatinous has been showcased at gaming expos around the world, from PAX Aus to Gamescom to GDC, and has consistently proven itself a fan favorite. The game was first conceptualized during a 48-hour game jam where the themes provided were Growth, Arms, and Sticky. From there the idea was expanded upon over half a decade and locations across the USA by Rob Howland and Anthony Prusakowski, co-founders of Three Flip Studios. The original soundtrack was scored by eight different talented artists, each adding their own unique vibe to the gameplay. Armed and Gelatinous’ sound effects were created by Jory Prum (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Pixar, The Jim Henson Company).


  • 4-Player Battles
  • Free-for-all or 2v2
  • Sports Minigames
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Customizable Arsenal
  • Tournament Mode
  • 12 Unique Weapons
  • Snack Induced Power-ups
  • Original Soundtrack



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download files as .zip (23.5 MB)

Cabinet Line Art

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Logo & Icon

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About Three Flip Studios

Video games are pretty great. Especially when they’re lovingly crafted by people who care; not just about quality, but about the players themselves. And since we play games too, we strive to create quality games for players like us, offering worthwhile experiences and jolly good times.

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Rob Howland
Programming, Design
Anthony Prusakowski
Design, Art
Brandon Jones
Jory K. Prum
Sound Design and Implementation
Bendik Høydahl
Additional Sound Design
Jared Emerson-Johnson
Original Score
Brian Sommer
Voice Actor
Tim Galida
Voice Recording


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Three Flip Studios